Truffle story, Part 1

My dog is worth more to me than most things. Not in the I-love-my-dog-so-much way, but in the I-make-most-of-my-money-because-of-this-dog-and-would-probably-be-broke-without- her-and-living-in-my-parents’-basement way. I still live in a basement. It just happens to be a basement apartment, which I pay for. Read more

Sometimes I rhyme fast, sometimes I rhyme slow

I was talking to my boyfriend yesterday on the phone. A long time ago, maybe last year, he said that if his life was a song, this would be the bridge–the melody is different, things are a little jumbled, Read more

Love is a bittersweet poem

By Elizabeth Hammer

I’m getting quite bored of feeling this wayThis bittersweet sadness creeps into my good daysAnd I wish I could have been there during your darkest hourBut it was impossible for me because I was on a Read more

I try to fight it, but I’d rather be free

I know I’m messy. Showing up drunk at your ex’s apartment at midnight and opening the door (why wasn’t it locked) and seeing him with his arm around his coworker in the chair you bought for him might not Read more

she said that’s easier said than done

I’m trying to break a curse. I’m not sure if it’s generational, or self-inflicted, or picked up from somewhere, but I assume it’s all three. It’s a three-pronged menace and I feel as if I’ve been cracking it apart, Read more

The fragments that were purely displaced. 

By: Elizabeth Hammer

My world had been encapsulated by the fragments. My broken bones were scattered all around me. I felt a dull and persistent sting in my chest. 

I was left hoping to find the Read more

Missing heart.

By: Elizabeth Hammer 

My heart lost its way and my chest burned to ashes, while I sat in disbelief.I don’t know how I managed that long.With so much pain resided in me.Could you hear my insides ripping up? 

Read more

I used to be seventeen

Now that I’m older and my dreams a little more dead, I realize the importance of being outside. I think about how the relationship I have with my mom is changing, and how I put undue pressure on myself–I’m Read more

The Chilling

By: Elizabeth Hammer

There was a space in between,

A particular void,

A certain ache in the heart that felt like a blank page waiting to be filled with words,

Can you feel that? 

It’s called the space in Read more

Protected: I get misty the moment you

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Waiting for SZA to release LANA

I thought it was going to be released December 15th

SZA doesn’t shave her legs. She says so on Ctrl, twice. 

First it’s “I’m sorry I don’t shave my legs at night” in “Drew Barrymore,” and then “I Read more

And pour out the gasoline

So I made a mistake by not telling my boyfriend I had herpes when we first met. Granted, I had basically forgotten about it and granted, I was pretty sure from all my reddit research that the herpes I Read more

There goes my shirt, up over my head

I don’t know why occasionally I try to deny some parts of myself. Like right now. I decided to smoke weed. And write. I think that’s one of the things that makes me afraid to write is the fact Read more

Just because you feel good doesn’t make you right

I’m not sure where to start today. But I mean honestly, do I ever really know where to start? What is this even about? What am I trying to accomplish here? Like, what is this for, who is this Read more

We only keep it real when we joking

“I learned just as much from them as they learned from me. I’m a cold motherfucka though. But the people I’m with are cold too, they’re a reflection of that. Become a cold motherfucka and the motherfucka will just Read more

We’re all connected now, stay composed

I’m sitting on the roof with a bottle of wine. Inside, my overpriced Marshall speaker is playing “The Metronome” by Pinegrove. I can hear it through the window. Kirsten Stewart has a tattoo commemorating Pinegrove. Kirstin Stewart also cheated Read more

How you know me better than I know myself?

They’re playing SZA’s CTRL in this coffeeshop, which is very topical to me right now. Last time I found out I was a guy’s side chick a little over a year ago, I listened to this album on repeat Read more

The Moth

There are no rules,but there is cause and effect.

When I was littler,I thought that when I grew upand metamorphosized into an adultI would be a butterfly.

You know, one of thoseplayed-out metaphors.

What I’m saying isI thought I Read more

Ooo wee ooo wee ooo I can be your percolator

I’ve been thinking about radicalism lately. Radical honesty, radical empathy–those kinds of things. Lately the pit in my stomach–the kind that makes it hard to eat and sleep, a dull ache that is probably unhealthy for you but goes Read more